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OSDIA Welcomes Palermo Tourism Counselor Alessandro Anello to Forge Transatlantic Partnership

Polo and Anello OSDIA

Washington, D.C., April 26, 2024 — The Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA) was honored to host Alessandro Anello, the Tourism Counselor of Palermo, Sicily, at its national headquarters in Washington, D.C. on April 18. The visit marked a significant step toward fostering closer ties between OSDIA and the vibrant city of Palermo.


During his visit, Anello met with OSDIA National President Michael G. Polo and OSDIA National Executive Director Shayla Kaestle. Anello conveyed warm regards from Palermo’s Mayor, Roberto Lagalla, underscoring the city’s commitment to fostering stronger bonds with the Italian American community.


The discussions centered around deepening ties through Italy’s Radici campaign, aimed at strengthening connections between Italian Americans and their ancestral roots. Both parties acknowledged the importance of collaboration in areas such as culture, economy, and tourism development.


President Polo highlighted the timely nature of the meeting, aligning with OSDIA’s upcoming delegation visit to Sicily in early May 2024. As an Italian American with Sicilian heritage, he expressed enthusiasm for immersing himself in Sicily’s rich cultural tapestry during the forthcoming trip. “This visit sets the stage for meaningful exchanges that will further strengthen the ties between our communities,” remarked President Polo.


Mr. Anello affirmed that the collaboration with OSDIA represents a multifaceted approach to tourism, emphasizing the shared interests and opportunities for exchange between Palermo and Italian American communities.


OSDIA, recognized as the oldest and largest organization for Italian Americans in the United States, is dedicated to forging robust partnerships with Italy at local, regional, and governmental levels. This meeting exemplified the beginning of a promising collaboration, poised to enrich both Palermo’s tourism offerings and the experiences of Italian Americans reconnecting with their heritage.