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UNITED STATES | ItalyUntold and NIAF seal a protocol to promote the image of Italy in the US

(Washington, D.C. – November 17, 2021) ItalyUntold, the Brussels-based Think Tank comprised of international scientists and professors, and the prestigious National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), that since 1975 has been promoting the Italian legacy, language, and culture, have signed a Cooperation Protocol to support and promote Italy overseas.

The agreement aims at defending the true image of Italy and at sharing its many excellences which are often unknown, doing so countering common false prejudices.

“This agreement seals a strategic collaboration with the Italo-American community in the US”, explains Francesco Briganti, President of ItalyUntold. “We are happy to support what NIAF is doing to promote the Italian culture in the United States. Thanks to this cooperation, we will give further visibility to the Italian excellences and primacies, which are often ignored and deserve to be told.”

“By implementing this agreement, we are convinced that the Italian-System (Sistema-Italia) can be strengthened, improving the perception of Italy abroad. I also want to thank Matteo Pederzoli, our senior strategic advisor, for his contribution in finalizing this important achievement” Robert E. Carlucci Chairman of NIAF said, “ItalyUntold is a perfect partner to fulfil a vital part of our foundation’s mission which is to make Americans aware of contemporary Italy and its plethora of
accomplishments in all facets of human endeavors.”

Italy is the fifth power in the world for trade surplus and the second European manufacturing country. Italian industries enjoy leading positions in many high technology sectors, from robotics to shipyards, and they build major infrastructure in more than 90 countries. The Italian language is the fourth most studied language in the world, a clear signal of the international attention to our country.

The collaboration between ItalyUntold and NIAF aims at amplifying these positive messages and disseminating them globally, helping Italy’s repositioning within the international scenario.